Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pete's Bike and contact info.

Today we start Pete's bike, a road-going fixie with a geometry that will work well in the 'drome too.

When it comes to the fixed gear aesthetic, Pete and I see eye to eye. This frame will be classic all the way: lugged, standard tubes, with a horizontal TT-the way the fixed gear was meant to be. When built, this frame will look fast sitting still, a true hot rod baby.

This frame is gonna be really special because it represents a once in a lifetime chance for me to work with a master framebuilder, Dave Porter. I'll be building this frame in Dave's shop under his watchful eye- I'm REALLY looking forward to this. I should be able to seriously shorten my framebuilding learning curve. Being self taught is cool and all, but it's time for me to kick this framebuilding thing into high gear!

So, we start with a call to Lon at Nova Cycle Supply and he set us up with a great mix of Tange, Columbus, and Deda tubes along with a pair of Columbus track ends (second pic). As you can see, the work will start with "deuglifying" the track ends. I sketched out the shape I wanted and got out the angle grinder. Many sparks later, we have this (first pic)- much better, ya? I decided to forgo the window because it wouldn't leave enough meat and it would detract from the cool "knife" detail we carved around the outside. That detail should show up better in the pics once the ends are brazed in.....but that will have to wait till tomorrow.

Any questions about Livewire prices, styles, etc? Shoot me an email to koyconn(at)aol(dot)com.