Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Frame done...waiting for paint!

Here it is, a little series of craptastic pics for ya. Man, I really have to get a better camera, the full frames shots are too blurry to post! Anyway, here we have the front drops- you can just make out the cool knife edge detail on top.

I wanted to come up with something for the frame that fit well and signified the Porter/Matthews collaberation on this project, so I came up with this design for a seatstay bridge. I really like how this came out- as an added bonus, it's also Pete's initials!

A dt/ht shot after a little cleanup. You can't really tell, but there's some damn fine shorelines there!

And finally the seat cluster. This was my first time using "top eyes"- they came out ok, especially after I filed them to a sharper point, but I think I prefer making them myself out of scrap tubing- let's the craftsmanship show a litle more dontchaknow.
Can't wait to see this bad boy painted up!
Next up, the SS 29er, and details on the coolest jig ever!

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Sabrosa Cycles said...

I dig the lugs. Nice work. I have a similar frame next in line.