Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Here's a few shots of Pete's bike after paint by the inimitable Mr. Porter. Here it is showing off the polished "PM" seat stay bridge. I wasn't sure about Pete's choice of color at first, but after seeing it on the frame, I'm loving it! So much that my next fixie will be the same.

In case you forgot where it was made, we put on one of Dave's very cool "made in NM" decals. Nice lugs, eh?

In this shot you can see the Porter touch on the silver tt protector- it had a turquiose stone inlaid and everything! It makes this frame very unique, and very NM.

Pete has ordered a full DA group for this bad boy, I'll be sure to get some pics of that too
Man, I learned so much building this frame, I can't thank Dave enough for opening up his shop to me.

A parting shot of the drops. Pretty bitchin, wouldn't you say?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

One sweet ride

That's right baby, check out this ultra compact(tm) geometry hot rod cruiser! It should be all the rage in pre-school this fall.......

Anyway, too much job/kids/life going on to build all I need to. Got some cool stuff coming up though. The SS 29er should get done this week and my Morroni CJE is ready to go and I'll use it to do a curved seat tube fixie frame. More posts and pics soon- I promise!