Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Night Blogdown

The changes are coming, but I want to get a few things straight before I announce it here- in the meantime, here's a few more shots of Stephen's bike as it approaches the finish line.
Hmmm, can you tell who built the frame? ;) Drops looking slick- they still have the masking on the faces as the frame hasn't been clearcoated yet.
Tried to get a good shoreline shot, looks like I mostly managed to make the red look orange!

Curing in the hot box with the final clearcoat on, bet ya can tell what changes I'm talking about when you see this shot, huh?

Till next time...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Warts and all

You've seen it before: Been neglecting the blog lately/Sorry, I haven't posted much/Things are busy here so....yada, yada, ya frickin da. Who cares? I'm busy building bikes and we are having the greatest January for riding ever! You think I'm gonna sit around and blog about it or get out and do it?

I thought so.

So, here's some pics from last week- this frame is now curing in the paint booth.
This is what it looked like in it's ugly duckling phase: not much finish work has been done, so it's looks pretty rough.

Lots of braze ons on this puppy. Check out the handmade brake cable hanger- it uses a threaded boss to make adjusting cable tension easy. This bike will have road brake levers, btw.
The drops have grown some stainless faces and eyelets since their last blog appearance.

Laying it down on the on!

This frame also represents a bit of a paradigm shift for my framebuilding career- more on that's time to go for a ride!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First frame of the year!

Getting back into the groove after the usual holiday slowdown and trip to the in-laws. Stephen's cross bike is close to done...just a few braze ons, some finish work and a trip to the paint booth left to go.
Dropouts came out nice, here they are after cleanup...still have to get the stainless faces cut and brazed on.
Full frame shot. It looks kinda rough, huh? That's because it just came out of the dunk tank. Closer inspection of the lugs will show they won't need much work to be ready for paint.
The goal is to have this done by next weekend...stay tuned!