Friday, July 13, 2007

Building backwards

Lots of good progress made today. As you can see I put fire to metal and brazed the rear end together. Normally, I'll build the entire front triangle before I attach the cs/ss, but at Mr. Porter's shop, we're using the CJE* (coolest jig ever) and it allows for a different approach. I could have still done it my old way, but this frame is about learning new things and I gotta say that it works well. It reminds me of Freddy Parr's method of "keel building" in which the cs/bb, bb/dt, and dt/ht are all assembled first. The idea being these pieces are the heart of the frame's stiffness and strength and if they are in alignment, the rest will just fall together as superstructure. It's working great so far!

To answer Steve's question about the last post- the geo numbers are as follows: 74 degree head angle, 73 seat, 42mm rake, and 40cm chainstays.

I'll get going on the front half tomorrow.

*much more on the CJE coming soon

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