Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You can't tell me....

.......that this frame isn't coming together nicely. This is Scott's (dirt) road bike- it will run drop bars and have clearance for true mtb size tires. Scott asked for a curved TT and a wishbone seatstay arrangement, so how could I do all that and not curve the seatstays too? The seatstays are just sitting in place and haven't been cut to length yet, in case you were wondering.
Here's a shot of the fork crown and the wishbone. Cool how they match, huh? I have to thank Sabrosa Cycles for the inspiration for that setup.
Oops! I just looked a little closer at the pic and, no, I'm not flipping you off. The forks legs aren't brazed in yet so I was bracing against the other leg so the crown would stay at the right angle. Sorry about that!


Sabrosa Cycles said...

gorgeous! I dig the curves. They remind me of the stingray I had as a youngster.

Chauncey Matthews said...

Thanks man, that means a lot.
Funny you said that about the stingray- I was thinking the same thing when I was fitting them up today!