Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Naked Curves

A few of the recents builds in their various stages...rockin full on Coconino style, huh? The first one on the table is Jeff's "all done except for some polishing" GDR racer. Frames like this are a lot of fabrication work, but oh so much fun. If you count all the individual pieces of the handmade cable guides, this frame had 28 braze ons!
Here we have Scott's bike in the jig being prepped for chainstays and my own 30's stlye 29er frame getting fitted for top tubes.
Yeah, I know, I have a tiny little shop full of random junk. There's just enough room for me and my dog when I'm working in there.

Late breaking news: I hand filed both the chainstays for Scott's bike at the same time and they came out perfect the first time. No adjustments needed. I came up with a little trick that I'll post about if I can repeat that result on the next frame.

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