Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back on line.....finally!

Hi all,

Well, the ol' computer decided to self destruct around Christmas (an e-bay induced meltdown?) and I lost a whole series of build pics for this frame and a fork blade bender in the process. I hate modern technology- gimmie my files and a torch anyday, they never let me down.

So back on the net means I can at least post up the latest frame- it's Joe's single speed cross bike.

It's a sweet Prestige OS tubeset (the last one I could find), 7/4/7 and 8/5/8 walls, hand bent s-bend seatstays, lugged fork, custom ss bridge in the Coconino style, and big time tire clearance. Yahoo for work that doesn't require software!

"Talk" to you soon!

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steve garro said...

well, how's she ride? how's biz? steve.