Thursday, December 6, 2007

And I would ride 5000 miles.....................

Wow, it's almost been a month since my last post...time is flying this time of year. I have three frames in the works right now and should have something to show this weekend. In the meantime, a bit of a Live Wire Cycles milestone was reached a few weeks ago- Jeff Kerby took his Live Wire 29er past the 5,000 mile mark, in less than 6 months! That's pretty impressive for any cyclist, but consider that 95% of the miles were off road, the bike was always loaded down with some kind of cargo, and it's a single speed. He's been throwing down 300 mile weeks lately as prep for the next GDR too!
It's pretty cool to see a Live Wire bike getting thrashed on a daily basis and keep coming back for more.

ps- I shouldn't have written the post title like that, I can't get that song out of my head now....damn those geeky Australian twins. And why would anybody want to get "heavered" to?


Matthew Lee said...

nice pic. do you know where its from? looks like a mythical tour de france route circa 1920. i have been wondering where kerby went off to. this post came up in his google. 5K is a lot o miles. i look for him to do well this year if he races. maybe he'll tack on the extra canadian bacon? ps. i love your bender.

Chauncey Matthews said...

Hi Matt,
I'll bet you saw a lot of interesting stuff when you googled Jeff!
As far as I know, Jon Billman took that pic somewhere in CO- it was the only one on hand I had to commemorate the 5,000 mile mark. Thats old news now (2/8/08)- he hit 7k last week!

Matthew Lee said...

yup! there wasn't much there on jeff kerby the teacher, but my favorite was the pranormal news bit:

i'd still like to hear that one from his mouth. jon billman doesn't much like to talk about it. the universe strikes again, i guess. i do hope jeff give it another shot.