Sunday, January 4, 2009

First frame of the year!

Getting back into the groove after the usual holiday slowdown and trip to the in-laws. Stephen's cross bike is close to done...just a few braze ons, some finish work and a trip to the paint booth left to go.
Dropouts came out nice, here they are after cleanup...still have to get the stainless faces cut and brazed on.
Full frame shot. It looks kinda rough, huh? That's because it just came out of the dunk tank. Closer inspection of the lugs will show they won't need much work to be ready for paint.
The goal is to have this done by next weekend...stay tuned!

2 comments: said...

Dropouts look nice, next challenge sliders?

Chauncey Matthews said...

Hi Nathan,
Good work in that AZ triathalon!

You read my mind about the sliders, I have some planned...just have to find the time to work on them!