Monday, May 12, 2008

One down....many to go......

Well, it took a 16 hour day on Saturday, but the snafu was overcome and Max's frame delivered on time. It's a bitchin' (that's right, I said bitchin) little track bike using a mix of Columbus and Deda tubes, Cinelli lugs (thankas Dave!), Pacenti drops w/stainless faces and a nice flattop crown I picked up over at Coconino Cycles last year. Geometry and look is classic track: steep angles, short (283mm) chain stays, higher BB, and check out the fork in the pic- I just love a tight crown, don't you?
Here's the man with his new frame. Can't tell from the pic, but I think he was happy. ;)
He wanted it unfinished because he has a friend who is a powder coater....lucky!
Ok, now it's back to Scott's 29er. Fillets to polish, cable guides to be added, top caps for the fork and seatstays to made.........a framebuilder's work is never done!

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